Essay on Founding Brothers

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Pre-discussion Assignment #1 I. 1. Solemnity (pg. 5)- the state or quality of being serious 2. Felicity (pg. 7) - intense happiness 3. Coerce (pg. 9) - to persuade something or someone to do something by using force or threats 4. Incipient (pg. 14) - in an initial stage; beginning to happen or develop 5. Libelous (pg. 22) - consisting or containing a defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures 6. Latter (pg. 31) - belonging to the final stages of something 7. Animosity (pg. 32) - strong hostility 8. Harangue (pg. 32) - a lengthy and aggressive speech 9. Hyperbolic (pg. 46) - something that has been exaggerated or enlarged beyond what is reasonable 10. Gubernatorial (pg. 41) - of or relating to a state governor II. 1. “Aaron Burr left… seven surviving children.” (pg. 21- 26) This portion of the chapter is the first time we are introduced to any of the founding ‘brothers’ or to the situation between Burr and Hamilton. Since I had no prior knowledge of the encounter or the people it involved, I thought that this was essential and an excellent introduction to both items. It describes Aaron Burr, the vice president of the United States, and Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury, two relatively short men with a lot of honor. Additionally, there is a brief summary of their personalities which gives some insight of why they probably felt like they needed to duel to defend their honor. It then continues to describe the setting and occurrences of the duel in a very vivid manner that really helps to draw the reader into the chapter. Without this brilliant depiction given by this passage about the duel between Burr and Hamilton the chapter would not be as effective. 2. “The overwhelming popular… he reached Georgia.” (pg. 26-27) This passage describes what happen following the death of Alexander Hamilton. I thought this was necessary because it shows the effect of what occurred between the two leaders, a political scandal from the past, and it indirectly characterizes Burr. Once the popular heard what happened to Hamilton most people thought that Burr murdered Hamilton “in cold blood” and new opinions started to brew about him. Along with those opinions came fabrications about the situation (like that Burr wore bullet proof clothes and toasted to Hamilton’s death while his family mourned) which is similar to how…