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Flag Of France
Texas has been one of the most important states in history. 6 countries, or unions have controlled Texas. Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States Of America, and the Confederate States.
During 1681 Robert Cavelir De La Salle launched an expedition to Mississippi River from New France. La Salle discover the Mississippi River by accident, while trying to find a path to the Pacific Ocean. The Mississippi River had already been discovered by Hernando de Soto. La Salle claimed the Mississippi river valley and named it Louisiana in honor of Louis XIV. The Colony, which they settled, was called Fort Saint Louise. Without a French controlling the Mississippi, Spain would have had the chance of controlling the entire Golf of Mexico and causing a threat to New France’s Borders The colony faced many problems,including Native Americans, and harsh conditions.La Salle sent many expeditions trying to find the Mississippi river which none of those succeeded. In 1688 the colony’s last ship got wrecked leaving a lot of colonist with out supplies. The colony could only survive with the help of other French settlements in the Caribbean Sea. In 1687 La Salle and five of his men where killed while in an expedition along Brazos River by rivals in his own group. Most of the colonist well later killed by the Karankawa. None of the survivors said anything about La Salle’s Death until they reached France in 1688 and informed King Louis. However, King Louis did