Essay on Frankenstein: Mary Shelley and Passion Victor

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In Frankenstein the author Mary Shelly uses lugubrious symbolism, mysterious denotation, and sardonic imagery to show hoe love and personal reject can affect your lifestyle but also the ones around you. Frankenstein’s behavior, attitude, and character is well defined by romanticism and gothic. The gothic being portrayed in this book is being provoked by the creature. Frankenstein gets a lot of his mystery and darkness from around his creation. From the beginning with the thought even being possible that a human being can create a functioning human being from body parts was insane. Frankenstein himself was at a shock point. “I paused examining and analyzing all the minutiae of causation, as exemplified in the change from life to death, and death to life” (page 37). He was cautious about his experiment. Wondering about what would have been thought of “it”. Mary shelly showed Victor as a character of disbelief and somewhat regret. His creation was smart but a dangerous human like man, and Victor didn’t handle that in a positive way, not that many could. The Gothicism in this novel was not only suffered by the monster’s creator but the other characters that lost their lives. The romanticism elements really shined when Victor was in need for healing and when the creature was in deep connection with becoming one with the urge to be human. Whenever Victor felt the need to get away or redeem his self he took some time away, showing that nature was his soother. He saw his surroundings as a spiritual healer. “A new species would bless me as its creator and source; many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me” (page 51, online). This showed the passion Victor had in his work and his idea of creating a new life. Victor presented himself as a visionary. The creation’s temper went off the weather. His body language and mind set showed his love for nature, where he also found comfort. The creature was born as a romantic. He wasn’t created to do bad destroy. But,