Franklin D Roosevelt's Influence On Society

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Many influential people have walked the Earth. There are many different ways people can be influential for example they can inspire people to follow their dreams or stand up for what is right. Among these people, Presidents seem to be very influential people because of their heroic acts. Franklin D. Roosevelt is influential because of his heroic acts, accomplishments, and legacy.

Progress Administration (WPA) and Tennessee Valley Authority, which hired hundreds of thousands of unemployed men to work on rural local projects¨ This shows that Franklin was able to get thousands of men in rural areas to start a new job on a project to make money to help their families. In conclusion, this paragraph shows evidence about Franklin's accomplishments and how he helped
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Most people influential people leave a legacy on this planet, but Franklin D. Roosevelt left on of the most impressing legacies out of all of the Presidents or even people on this earth. My first example of his legacy comes from (Foundation, WGBH Educational.) ¨Franklin Delano Roosevelt is the only United States president to have been elected to four terms of office. FDR transformed the presidency and placed the institution at the very center of American life. During 12 years in Franklin D. Roosevelt is Heroic because Of his Promises he said during the great
Depression, which he fulfilled, He being the only president have a physical Disability (Polio), And His efforts to bring the US out of the great depression. According to (“Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal - American Memory Timeline- Classroom Presentation”) Franklin said this in his first speech "I pledge you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people." This shows that Franklin was heroic because he addressed The Great Depression head on with no lies. ( states ¨All of this made it even more difficult for FDR to stay emotionally