Essay about Freedom of Speech in the United States

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Freedom of Speech in the United States Constitution
Limitations on Freedom of Speech

Kaplan UniversityAdelle Tibbs

The United States Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation. The United States
Constitution held something very special that the Articles of Confederation did not, and
That was the bill of rights. The bill of rights is what guarantees our freedoms. Some of
These freedoms include speech, press, and the right to bear arms.

Freedom of speech is not infinitely guaranteed in any country. It was founded with the
Idea that everyone was entitled to their opinion, and should be legally allowed to
Express them.

The biggest reason restrictions are placed on this right, are that is has the capacity to
Interfere with other people’s safety and welfare. The government at the time had been
So used to having tons of laws and regulations bestowed on them, as they had become
Free from a monarchy.

They had fought tooth and nail to become an independent country from the monarchy.
They wanted to live like the free country they had become. These were freedoms they
Had gone to war for to obtain.

Parts of these freedoms as stated above are freedom of press. But restrictions are placed on that as well. This is called libel. Libel is putting someone or something down unjustly, degrading it, and