Informative Essay: The First Amendment In The United States

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The First Amendment
A group of parents are unhappy with a compromise by the city government. Due to limited funds, the summer recreation program is being discontinued. The parents decide to protest by holding a rally near city hall. They march to the front of the building. While they are there, they stand quietly for one hour, holding their signs and handing out pamphlets. A right to assemble is given to Americans by the First Amendment in the Constitution. The First Amendment has an important meaning and purpose that created an enduring impact on the people of the United States of America. The Freedom of Speech
First of all, the First Amendment contributes crucial and significant liberties
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Free speech is the ability to express any opinion without censorship and limitation. This liberty is also called freedom of expression, which not only includes verbal communication, but also consists of the Internet, broadcasting, advertising, and film. As stated by US History, “courts have identified three types of free speech, each protected at a different level…” The first type of free speech is pure speech which is the communication of ideas through spoken words. Pure speech is strongly protected by the courts. The next form of free speech is speech-plus which involves actions, such as demonstrating or protesting, as well as words. US History claims, “Speech-plus isn’t normally protected as strictly as is pure speech, because actions can be physically dangerous.” Examples of speech plus are disturbing traffic, jeopardize public safety, or trespass illegally. Symbolic speech does not incorporate speech at all. It consists of symbolic actions such as wearing black armbands to school. Symbolic speech is highly controversial since courts believe that it is beyond free speech limits. Freedom of speech allows you to advertise commercial products, to contribute money to political campaigns, and the option to not to salute to the flag. Although, free speech does not tolerate you to provoke actions harm others or to make or distribute obscene materials. Freedom of speech is one of the essential parts of the First