Essay on Freedom of a Women and Her Cultural

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In the story "Woman Hollering Creek" Sandra Cisneros uses the character, Cleofilas to expose some of the expectations and contradictions, and realities within the different culturals. She discuss what a Mexican women should sacrifice for love, the roles and possibilities that are open to Mexican women in both the United States and Mexico, and the different types of community are in these states. Cleofilas thought love between a man and woman is stronger and more beautiful than the love between the parent and the child; also that she should sacrifice her everything for her husband. She finds out in a painful way that this love may someday diminish especially when both of them do not take care of each other’s needs. She recalls the time when Juan Pedro was still courting her. He promised her a good life and that he will provide for her needs. Now, everything seemed to have changed. Juan Pedro hits her but she cannot understand why she does not yell or fight back. He abuses her, he drinks a lot and he brings women to their house. She always reminds herself after their fight of how much she loves him and she continues to forgive him after he asks for apology for hitting her. The role for a women in Mexico was limited to raising of children and taking care of their husband. They cannot work and earn money on their own. If they do decide to work they will find it hard to get an acceptable work which pays good. Since women could not earn their own money, they depended on their husband for support. Consequently, they cannot spend this money without their husband’s consent. They also were not allowed to make decision on their life. This has left women in the 20th Century totally dependent for their husband even for smallest decisions in their life. They had no voice in their own family. They were not respected by the society. Felice her friend is an example for what she wanted out of her moving to Texas. Felice shows up to pick her up driving her own truck. Cleofilas realizes how different her life is from Felice who works, earns and lives an independent life. For Cleofilas, her life in the United States is a complete opposite of the life she has expected. This is their American dream