Freedom Trail Essay

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Artistic Event #2

Last month I had the wonderful opportunity of being able to go to Boston. Not only is this city beautiful but also there is an awesome piece of history around every corner. My cousin and I were able to go and see so many places on our “to do list” that I am having a hard time deciding which to write about but for me it comes down to our countries history and Boston is where it all began. This great city has preserved so many historical buildings that were important in the Revolutionary War. The Freedom Trail lays a red brick path throughout the city leading you from one historical site to the next starting out at Boston Common, which is the Red Coats often made camp and is also the oldest public park in America. Next was the Old South Meeting house where the famous uprising about tea tax was held, this meetinghouse was where the Tea Party was brought to life. The Boston Massacre site was a sad place to visit a ring of stones is all that is left to remember that cold night that five men died. Paul Revers house was very interesting; it is amazing to me how people used to live. It all seemed very dark and cold but without modern day electricity and heat I guess it would be. This is one of the oldest houses in downtown Boston and is where Paul started his infamous ride. Old North church surprised me, I said to my cousin “I thought it would be bigger” it was still amazing that they have been able to preserve so much of its original