Freedom Writers Analysis Essay

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Freedom Writers

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Brief outline of story:
The storyline of the movie takes place between 1992-1995. Beginning with scenes from the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. Hilary Swank plays the role of Erin Gruwell, a new, excited schoolteacher who leaves the safety of her hometown, Newport Beach, to teach at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach, a formerly high achieving school which has recently had an integration program put in place. Her enthusiasm is quickly challenged when she realizes that her classes are all "at-risk" students, also known as "un-teachable", and not the eager students she was expecting. The students segregate themselves into racial groups in the classroom, fights break out, and eventually most
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The students struggle with life.
The students are surprised that they are getting brand new books just as Rita is excited to get books from Frank.
Erin’s husband not liking her job just like Rita’s husband not liking that she is going back to school.
The student’s new experience when they go to the Museum of Tolerance just as Rita has a new experience going back to school.
When the students are giving a toast in class, we see their determination and commitment to change to be better.
The cuts between the readings of the diary of Anne Frank- changes between people.
Eva’s interest in the Diary of Anne Frank shows her commitment to learn more in comparison to Rita wanting to learn more.
The overlapping of the newspaper articles on the students efforts to raise money for the guest speaker to come.
Good quote: “we are all ordinary people, but even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room.”
Eva not knowing what to do like Rita.
Eva changing her story in court, telling them the truth about who really kill the boy, shows her wanting to change even if she knows there is a consequence.
Eva talks to Erin because she trusts her and feels comfortable around her.
Cindy lending Eva her makeup is a sign of forgiveness and acceptance and thankfulness.
The consequence of Erin’s job is that her husband leaves her because he doesn’t like his life