Freedom Writers Book Analysis

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The movie and book Freedom writers diary contains themes like anti gang ; anti violence, earning respect and trust, and overcoming adversity.
The movie Freedom Writers Diary contained a lot of gang violence, these teenagers were growing up in the projects. The students' suffered from a lot of anger, caused by abuse, family problems, and a lot of violence. A student quoted “While I was in school one day, people were killed while trying to commit a robbery.” This had a huge impact on the students' lives because it was one of their friends that got killed gang banging. The class was rowdy and angry when someone drew a racist picture of an African American student. The teacher used it as an example to teach the students about the Holocaust. Later in the story Mrs. G taught them about the holocaust and how their lives are similar to theirs, the students face racism towards African Americans while the Nazis targeted the Jews. When Mrs. G points out a new game to the students called the “line game” this game makes them realize how similar the students are to each other.
After Mrs. G teaches them the
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Now the students will have good jobs, and be successful. The students overcame a lot of adversity throughout the story. For one of their “field trips” The students had Miep Gies the hider of Anne Frank come in and talk, one of the students claimed her to be his “hero”, but she said “no, you guys are heroes everyday.” I think she meant that the students get out of bed and do good things everyday to make this world better. This had a very positive impact on The students lives. When the students read the diary of Anne Frank the students found a quote, “I guess it’s never too late to change” and that is what the students did. After thinking about this quote the students overcame all of the adversity and are good people