Friendship In The Epic Of Gilgamesh

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The Power of Friendship in the Epic of Gilgamesh
Friendship is not only an important part of one's life but also a necessary component to give existence meaning. Friends do not always need to speak well of you as long as they treat you sincerely and hope you are getting better and better. Friends may challenge you but also help you know yourself better and realize your deficiencies. The way people treat a friend distinguishes human from animals as well as symbolizing human civilization by being responsible, caring and respecting each other. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, the goddess Aruru creates Enkidu, who is an equal for the tyrant Gilgamesh through friendship, which changes Gilgamesh's entire life. Enkidu serves as a counterweight to Gilgamesh's
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Then why he needed such a friend? Actually, he needed someone who can really understand him. Being a young ruler who possesses power, beauty, and glory, Gilgamesh meant to be lonely. He was the apple in the eyes of his goddess mother and king father. No one was equal to be his friend. He might have people who could drink with him, play with him and talk with him, but no one could really understand him since no one was one-third human and two-third god. He wasn't born to be a monster to have sex with every virgin bride, because he didn't need to be loyal to any woman, and he could get anyone to be his wife if he wants. He wasn't born to be a tyrant to oppress his people without any reasons because nothing could bring him joy and he needed to do something that normal people couldn't imagine. No one ever told him that what he does was horrible, was a nightmare to his people. He was unbeatable in his kingdom, so he was lonely. He needed a friend who could challenge him and defeated him. The goddess Aruru, who created Enkidu was successfully helped the people in Uruk out. Either did she created a wise man who would enforce Gilgamesh earnestly or a beauty who was as fair as Helen to seduce him. She knew that Gilgamesh would not listen to anybody or fall in love with any women. What he needed was a friend, a real friend who could be a challenge to him. The result turned out to be good. Even though Enkidu and Gilgamesh had an …show more content…
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