From Silence to Voice, a Book Report Essay

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From Silence to Voice, a Book Report

Michael Hager, RN, NREMT-P

Nevada State College

NU 408 Transitions in Professional Nursing

Linda Jacobson, MSN, RN, PHN, COI


Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon have written a sentinel work for nursing that addresses the misrepresentation or absence of nursing in the media and the public consciousness. This book is more than a call to arms for nurse activism. From Silence to Voice is an instructional aid for shaping dialogue to disseminate an effective message. With the current state of healthcare, nursing needs this manual more than ever to shape the direction of nursing policy and perception.
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Everyone is trying to move patients or hold patients safely while giving the best care. When stories are published exhorting the faults of nurses I would only ask that you take into account the context of such cases. I wish not to make excuses for negligence. However, nurses are clinically knowledgable, technically capable professionals in a daunting healthcare landscape. Nurses need public support not scorn. Nurses need increased staff whether that be additional nurses or support staff. Hospitals are trying but they need reinforcement from a public that insists on safety through increased care not just increased speed. Only together can we improve healthcare.

Your Nurse,

Anonymous, R.N.

Nursing staff numbers have always been a challenge. There have always been “nursing shortages.” Even in today’s economic downturn when new grad nurses are having trouble finding jobs there are thousands of nursing jobs posted. Current economics have only made hospitals hesitant to invest in new grads. The nursing need is present and will continue to grow. The resounding problem internationally seems to be nursing ratios (Members Back Nurse Ratios, 2010). The immediate answer unfortunately is not more nurses. Nurses are expensive and time consuming to produce. While we must continue to push for more highly qualified registered nurses, we must insist on increased support staff. A mixed skill set of ancillary staff can be delegated or