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Frontier Woman
Ryan Pennington
1. The American Revolution and the French and Indian Wars coincided with Jane Stevenson’s experience on the frontier. These conflicts had a significant effect on how Stevenson grew up on the frontier. Firstly, the French and Indian War had stirred up much discontent in Native American tribes. This discontent lead to many conflicts with settlers, which made life hard for those living on the frontier. Secondly, the American Revolution called for much defense of the east coast, where most settlements were. Support from the continental army was unlikely, as they had much to contend with closer to the coast. This would make life even harder for Stevenson and her family.

2. The characteristics of her fellow settlers that Stevenson found noteworthy were they attitudes of her neighbors and their dispositions. When she was in a town inhabited by Dutch and half-Dutch, she remarks on how friendly they were and how fun they were to be around. She also says that some of her other neighbors were friendly as well. She also makes note on how people die, and the Indian attacks, which is strange.

3. What I think Stevenson took the most pride in having achieved in her life is the fact that she survived living on the frontier. She notes the deaths of so many others on the frontier and the hardships that all those in her communities. Since she mentions each one of these things multiple times, it is reasonable to believe that she felt pride for getting past all her hardships.

1. Jefferson may have responded to Stevenson’s story of frontier confrontations by commending her efforts. Though he was an Antifederalist,