Full-time and In-class Learning Essay

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Online vs. In-class learning Are you thinking about going to college and trying to figure out whether online learning or in-class learning is best for you? With today’s economy it is nearly impossible to find a good paying job without a college education. While both online learning and in-class learning can grant you the same education, there are the social, instructor feedback, day to day life, and convenience aspect to look at when making the decision. In online learning when to study is the student’s choice, whether it is night or day, he/she can plan their studying around their day to day lives. For example, I am a stay at home, I take care of my son and the house during the day and do my school work after I lay my son down at night. Due dates are included in online learning and activities are to be completed during specific weeks of the course. With online learning your class room is where you want it to be as long as you have internet access. On campus learning you work is usually due the next class and you have to take test and quizzes when the instructor assigns them. The time and location are set to specifics, and the pace is, normally, controlled by the instructor (classroom vs. online n.d.). Feedback from your instructors is important, it allows you to know how you did on an assignment, get answers to your questions, and to know what and if you need improvement on anything. Online learning requires you to email your instructor and for them to email you back, which could be slower than anticipated. However, instructors can provide personalized feedback to all students. With in-class learning instructors often respond immediately to students. However, larger classes may prohibit instructors from offering meaningful feedback to each individual (classroom vs. online n.d.). Many students are busy with working a fulltime job, family, and the challenges of day to day lives and prefer online…