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Two Year Plan From as far as I can remember, my dream has been to be happy, prosperous, and make the best out of my life. Further into my life I plan to go to medical school if all goes well. Everyone wants to make lots of money and be really wealthy, as for me I just hope to make enough money to help fulfill my needs and necessities. Aside from focusing on my career, I want to get married in my late 20’s. Most likely it will be some from college or medical school who I will be better off with because of having the same background. I want to have a medium sized family; not too little and not too big, just perfect. I wish to be in the top section of kids in my school which will increase my chances of getting into the best schools out there. I want to major in the medical field, I am not sure to what I want to become just yet. When I graduate out of high school, I want to attend a college near my town like Rutgers and maybe even Princeton. Most likely I want to get accepted into one of medical programs offered at one of the colleges. Throughout my high school years, I want to take all advanced classes and get really good grades in all of the courses. I believe since I want to look into the medical field, I should take all advanced science and math courses offered. My academic goal is to not only get good grades but to learn and gain experiences that will prepare me for the future. I want to do really well in high school and SAT’s so I can get scholarship which will ease