Game Classification Essay

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Game Classification

There are many games that kids play that require many inner body skills. Some games like Pickup Sticks, Basketball, Old Maid, Legos, and Memory game require physical skills, cognitive skills and social/emotional skills. Playing games like this helps kids become stronger and smarter. Kids or adults don't think of this games like working out or using mental knowledge they think of it as fun games to play. Some people like to challenge themselves with fun games like Pickup Sticks, Basketball, ect.. First, physical skills are very important to almost any game that children or adults play. The first game that needs a lot of physical strength is Basketball. People need a lot of physical skills because players need to use body muscles to protect the ball from the opposite team. Players also need balance and agility to run fast with the basketball to shot and keep balance from being pushed to take the ball away. Another physical game is Legos. Legos are physical because it requires fine motor (detail), like creativity. Putting the pieces where they belong to build an object requires a lot of creativity. Legos also require hand and eye coordination to see where pieces fit and placing them using kids hands. Lastly, the game that uses physical skills is Pickup sticks. By holding, grasping, and reaching over to get the sticks that were dropped on the table, from the Beginning of the game. Physical skills are very important in many kinds of games like Basketball, Legos, and Pickup Sticks because the require a lot of movement from the players. Secondly, Cognitive skills are used for mental and learning abilities. Some games that require cognitive skills are Old Maid and The Memory game. The Memory game makes players use a lot of memorization, players need to memorize where the cards are placed after being picked up by other players. When players have a match that's one point for them. The player with the more matches wins the game. Another skill that The Memory game uses is listening and talking skills, so players can communicate on who's turn up it is. Lastly, Old Maid is also under the cognitive category. To play Old Maid players have to classify the cards they got by matching them together to make a match. Players will also need reading skills to play Old Maid. Players will have to read the names of the picture to make sure it's a