Gang Life In The 1960s

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The reason for the growth in gang involvement has to do with poor parenting and also with people living in poor urban neighborhoods. These people think getting involved in a gang is the best avenue for economic stability. Peer pressure is a great part of the involvement too. Others can join because they want to impress friends or escape abusive households. The great difference between earlier gangs and modern gangs is the growth in gang involvement and the dealing of drugs and the violence that surrounds the drug business, and the enormous increase in the availability of lethal automatic weapons that are used in gang members.

An examination of gang life in New York’s 1940’s-1950’s and Los Angeles’s 1960’s-1970’s helps explain the development
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“In the world of gangs there are two entities: the Folks Nation and People Nation.” (klivans) Other large gangs fall into one of these groups. Gangs that affiliate with the Folks Nation, such as the Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) and Crips, follow Folks Nation rules and use Folks symbols. The Folks Nation slogan is "All Is One." All of their "signs" are to the right (right pants leg rolled up, hat tilted to the right). Folks Nation gangs use the numeral "6" as an identifier. Gangs that affiliate with the People Nation, such as the Latin Kings and the Bloods, follow People Nation rules and use People symbols. The People Nation slogan is "All Is Well." All of their "signs" are to the left (left pants leg rolled up, hat tilted to the left). People Nation gangs use the numeral "5" as an identifier.

A great difference of modern gangs compared to earlier ones is that it is so easy now in days to get hands on a gun. Earlier gangs would just use bats and chains and also fists. As said by the international committee of red cross, “ Today weapons are easily accessible to a wide variety of groups or individuals” (army) This raised the crimes in cities where gangs are active
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Wright was born and raised in Compton, California. This city was a gang-infested area. Wright was a drug dealer. He was a member of a notorious Compton- based street gang and used his gang credentials to promote the authenticity of his music. Wright bragged about having fathered seven children by six different women, part of his image as a ruthless womanizer. His music was about his lifestyle of being involved in street gangs, with lyrics about drive by shootings, drug dealing, and confrontations with police. Despite the violence told in his songs, he sold over 2 million copies on the album called: Straight outta compton. In earlier times there wasn’t this kind of music. This shows how this type of rap music influenced many to be involved in street