Essay about gen X and gen Y to bridge the generation gap

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One way for gen X and gen Y to bridge the generation gap and manage the conflicting needs of the different age groups in the classroom is for both groups to come to a mutual respect for each other. Everyone who is in the class is there with the same common goal, to learn. A key challenge would be to practice active listening. Although a Pro that comes out of the two generations working together in the classroom is that both parties can learn off of each other’s experiences in group discussions.
Through this we learn how each party works in the business world and we are able to see the Pros and Cons of how the two generations work. For example working in group projects in a few of my classes, I was able to find some Pros and Cons for both generations. Gen X; Pros: They find phone calls can be a better form of communication when discussing details. It’s a more personal way of doing business since you pick up on non-verbal cues that you can’t in text-base communications. A few Cons: Phone calls can’t be documented and referred back to for information/data like email and text-based communications. Plus it’s not always easy to get a hold of someone via phone to communicate and waiting for a phone call back is not as immediate as an instant message or email response often times.
As for Gen Y; Pros: We’re constantly connected in communication through this style and through using multiple technological media. It allows for more collaboration. Faster, more immediate responses