Gen105 Week 1 Essay

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Week 1 Assignment

Distance learning is education online for students who are not physically present in a traditional educational setting, such as a classroom, but done thru asynchronous communication. The classes found on the Internet are held in an electronic forum with one professor and several other classmates. The electronic forum has several different components, some forums are open to all classmates, and others are private and used by the student and instructor. On the electronic forum, the instructor will post a syllabus, course guidelines, and materials that the students must follow. He or She will post discussion questions that all students have to answer in a threaded discussion to help the students learn and communicate with his or her fellow classmates. Each week, the students have to answer two discussion questions and post responses to fellow classmate’s discussion questions, by doing this the students show participation and will get a participation grade at the end of each week. The instructor will give the students feedback on his or her discussion questions and assignments so he or she will know if they are learning the concepts taught in the course. There are many different distance learning centers and programs to choose from and almost every course of study can be found on the web except those of which need hands on instruction. This makes online education easily accessible for students because they can work at their own pace and attend class from…