Gender and Cologne Commercials Essay

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Throughout history, women have been the person who kills the spiders, who unclogs the toilet, and who packs perfectly un-crusted Wonder-Bread sandwiches into Spiderman lunchboxes. Okay so maybe not quite throughout history but recently the feminine ideals have started to morph toward these characteristics in our society. But not only has women’s’ roles changed but also the role of men in American society has changed as well. Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, common beer and cologne commercials and TV shows and movies like Mulan and Glee are all advertising this contemporary change to American manhood. Not only is Dwayne Johnson’s nickname “the Rock”, but also we often see him either wrestling in WWF World Championships or in silly kid’s movies such as “The Tooth Fairy” or the Pacifier. The Rock can be the killer and the babysitter; he can only be these characters because he has giant muscles and is a wrestler; otherwise Americans might consider him too feminine or even homosexual. Even when he is in his Tooth Fairy costume, he needs to add some masculine touches such as a football helmet (see attached page). Wrestling and boxing, sports that previously were termed manly sports, are now having more women participating but those who do are either ring girls or are wearing pink bikinis. Currently, shows like Glee will go miles from where we were 40 years ago by putting a gay male character in their show, although the show is ‘balanced’ out by placing this homosexual character next to