Gender Stereotypes In Disney Films

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There has been, and still is, the continual debate on gender roles, variations in cultures and several factors that contributes to the manner in which people behave and live, starting from their childhood up until they become adults (Bryant, 2011). One such factor or element that contributes to people’s perception is print media and film. In this thematic analysis, therefore, I intend to elaborate how print media and film influence how men and women think. Specifically, my discussion will focus on children story books and other films and how these sources have created bias or rather stereotypical beliefs, and in effect, their character and beliefs (Towbin,, Haddock, Zimmerman, Lund, & Tanner,2004). Psychology supports the notion that people’s …show more content…
These perfection portrayals of female body characterize most of Disney films, and in effect, advocate for a conception in which physical beauty is highly valued reflected in youngsters' news channels. A good example is Cinderella who is seen possessing perfect beauty. She has a substantial eyelashes and an attractive face, traits that can be depicted as attractive (O'shaughnessy, M., & Stadler, 2012). It represents the message that children learn from the media (Robinson, Callister, Magoffin, & Moore2007). The Disney princess, therefore, incorporates several attributes that are imposed on children to mean admirable traits that each child must possess. Thus, children with the absence of such values will most likely be disappointed making negatively affecting their self-esteem because they believe that people only admire the looks portrayed in Disney film. Thus, children develop low self-esteem as a result of them believing that they are not attractive enough. In addition to that, Disney film teaches young girls that outward appearance is associated with personality (Faherty, 2001). For instance, in The Little Mermaid, villain Ursula appearance is not attractive, in line with that, she is evil and malicious. In addition to that, the media has portrayed men in a bad light, in that they ought to have good looks, to attract beautiful ladies or boost their confidence. It is clear from the suitors in Cinderella Disney