General Biology: Life On Earth With Physiology

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General Biology: BIOL 1002 Fall 2011

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Steve V Pollock, aka: Dr. Steve, Steve, or even hey you…
OFFICE: 642 Life Sciences Building (next to the freight elevator)
PHONE: 578-1900

OFFICE HOURS: **** by appointment only. ****
TEXT: Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology, 9e

Lecture topics will not be covered in the order listed below. The material that will be covered for each test will be clearly indicated during lecture before the test is taken.

|Chapter |Topic |
|18 |Systematics |
|19 |Diversity of Viruses, Prokaryotes, and Protists |
|20 |Diversity of Protists |
|21 |Diversity of Plants |
|22 |Diversity of Fungi |
|23 and 24 |Diversity of Animals (Vertebrates and invertebrates) |
| | |
|31 |Homeostasis and the Organization of the Animal Body |
|32 |Circulation |
|33 |Respiration |
|34 |Nutrition and Digestion |
|35 |The Urinary System |
|36 |Defense Against Disease |
|37 |Chemical Control of the Animal Body: The Endocrine System |
|38 and 39 |The Nervous System and the Senses |
|40 |The Muscles and Skeleton |
| | |
|43 |Plant Anatomy and Nutrient Transport |
|44 |Plant Reproduction and Development |
|45 |Plant Responses to the Environment |
| | |
| |Six Million Ways to Die! |

The class notes we take during each lecture are designed to be an aid to note taking, not a substitute for listening to the lecture. You will be responsible for all of the information discussed in class, even if it is not outlined in the class notes. It is essential that you attend each class meeting. If you miss a class, I suggest that you get the notes from a classmate and discuss any questions that you may have about the material with me afterwards.

Moodle will be used to post your term tests and final exam grades for the