General Electric Rhetorical Analysis

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Beautiful Ideas Henry David Thoreau once said, “This world is but a canvas to our imagination” (Thoreau). In today’s world, people are the main masterminds behind creativity. Everyday people are inspired by their imagination to create something wonderful. In a commercial ad, made by General Electric, named “Ideas are scary,” it discusses just this. The company of the commercial is trying to get its audience to understand that all people have unique ideas that may not be accepted by others. General Electric is a corporation held in New York City that operates with Power and Water, Oil and Gas, Aviation, Healthcare, Transportation, and Capital which includes: Financial Services, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Software Development, and Engineering Industries (General Electric). GE accepts those who have ideas for certain categories listed above because they truly want that person to succeed. The commercial starts by showing an odd looking creature walking down the street trying to get people to look at something. Everyone that the creature comes across denies him, or either completely ignores him. The creature then came upon the General Electric building and knocked on the door and they immediately let him in.

The workers in General Electric did not judge him based on his appearance they simply let him in to see his
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They show how they are wanting to do this by accepting the client in to their business. He walks into the General Electric building and suddenly becomes transformed from what he looked like in the beginning of the video. An example of the authors main point is when the creatures tail turns from white to very colorful; this shows that they helped him create something wonderful out of his idea. General Electric is trying to show that they can take people’s ideas and make them into something even bigger than both of them ever