Essay on General Thoughts about Performance within the Clinical Setting

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Clinical Reflection

General thoughts and feelings (include both positive and negative) about your performance within the clinical setting
The first week of the second clinical rotation went very well. I was able to get well oriented to the new floor and to what is expected of me for this rotation.
Goal (identify beyond what is expected behavior for the course) for each day and evaluation of goal - was goal met, why or why not?
My goal for the day was to make a smooth transition between clinical rotations. I was able see how things on this unit are different from that on medical-surgical.
Strengths: Explain importance or value (you should identify a different strength each week of clinical
I have no strengths to report for the clinical day.
Areas for improvement (identify how you will change your behavior to improve future performance in managing patient care)
No patient care was given. I do know that I need to improve upon my clinical paperwork. I need to improve on my writing in general. I also have a hard time coming up with things to write. I will review all comments on my clinical paperwork in order to improve it.
Critical thinking/clinical decision making.
1 Describe a situation where you used critical thinking in clinical
2 List possible solutions
3 Describe which you chose and why
4 Did it work? Why or why not?
5 (For example: Patient refused bath stating she was too tired. I could have accepted her refusal, insisted on bathing her, bathed her at a different time, or asked if I could help her wash her face and brush her teeth at least. I chose to educate the patient about how much a bath would help her feel better and actually might help her with her goal of going home as soon as possible. I explained to the patient that if I could help her with her bath now, I would then be able to let her take a nap. Patient agreed to this. After the bath, the patient acknowledged that she sure did feel better; she then took a 45 minute nap and felt