Essay Genesis: Noah ' s Ark and Great Flood

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The Flood of Genesis and The Flood of Gilgamesh have some great similarities as well as some things that are different from one another. I also have always know of one flood but I have now learned there is still one flood however there are over four hundred different versions of the story.
In 1872 a researcher put together the Babylonian tablets found in Mensch. This is where he found that no later than the 17th Century B.C. that there was another story that was very similar to the Genesis flood, this flood was The Flood of the Gilgamesh. Both these stories talked about how over populated the world is and how it became so noisy and in order to stop all the noise mankind had to be destroyed. Some of the similarities of the stories of the great flood was that they were both global, the cause was because of man, the great hero’s character was both righteous, they both had a boat, the boat had many compartments inside yet they both only had one door, some of the passengers on the boat were also all different kinds of animal species and the way they were able to find land was to release the birds from the boat after landing on a mountain. It is now believed that the Gilgamesh version is older however if it is it is not by much. Even though these versions have some similarities they also have a few things that are not exactly the same. Some of the things that has been noted that set the two stories apart are the causes of the flood, who the flood was intended for, the sender, how the idea of the flood and to build a boat came about, the shapes of the boat are different as well as many other things. According to Genesis the…