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Cloning Endangered Species Credit: NB (Nouras)

Endangered species and plant species can be saved and replenish their population and bring stabilize the Animal and Plant resource food chain. For example lets say a disease wiped out the entire grass and corn population just got completely wiped out of exsistence. Many animals such as cows, bugs and other species such as humans that rely on corn and grass for its survival will die out and if cows don't get enough to eat they will become exticnt which will ultimately mean for us no food for more then 75% to 85% of our Human population won't be able to access any available food that they once had such as corn, milk, beef and cheese products will disappear forever. However, if we manage to stop the wipe out of more then half of our species we can easily clone Grass and Corn plant species and save us and the world from disasterous catastrophies. In addition to, Many researchers agree that, at present, cloning is a feasible or effective conservation strategy for such species. Currently, scientists and researchers work together to make this technology available one day in our lifetime.In the early 1950s, at the Lankenau Hospital Research Institute in Philadelphia, Robert Briggs and Thomas King successfully cloned 27 northern leopard frogs through a process known as nuclear transfer. The nucleus, often called the command center of the cell, contains most of a vertebrate's DNA—except for the DNA within bean-shaped, energy-generating organelles named