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BISI 001
April 17, 2014

Genetically modified organism (GMO)

What is Genetically Modified Organism? Genetically modified Organism is plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from the bacteria, viruses, or like from other animals and plants. A Genetically Modified Organism is created when a DNA from one organism is combined with another organism’s DNA to make into one molecule. Currently, many types of GMO crops like sugar beet, maize, rice, cotton and etc. have been developed by transgenic methods, and its incredibly increasing day by day.

Is genetically modified organism food really safe for you? In United States, there has been many arguments on weather GMO should be label or not. Many consumers agree to where they said that they would like to know what are eating and they want to have GMO labels in their Food. Most of the food packages are not labeled to tell that consumers that if they have been genetically modified or not. There is about one million of acres of genetically modified crops that are grown in United State annually. They can create new plants in only a month. In study, they found out that all of the processed foods are genetically modified by about five percent. Consumers think what they are eating is healthy for them, but they don’t even know what’s really inside that food. According to the “Whole foods says…” all foods in the North America that contain genetically modified foods will require labeling by 2018 because the use of GM foods is increasing. Many consumers concerns and argues that the GMOs should be labeled because it creates many health problems. One of the British scientist name Dr. Arpad Pusztais, his study shows that GMO potatoes harms the immune system if rats and also how it affected harmless insects. By knowing this many of the consumers resistance to GMO food has became violent.

There were many studies done by the university of Hawaii students on rats and mice and shows that genetically modified foods are unsafe for consumption. “According to an article, rats were fed Bt corn for 90 days. After, they developed multiple health problems such as changes in their blood cells, livers and kidneys.” It is proven by scientists that genetically modified foods could lead to dangerous allergic reactions. Not only can GMOs cause health problems but also growing them also harm the environment that we live in. “it seems that GMO supporters do not want consumers to know the truth about GM food. GM supporters mention that labeling will cost too much money, yet companies like Monsanto pays so much money to stop labeling from happening.” I feel like if the companies are spending so much money towards not labeling, why wont they not spend money towards