Essay on Gentleman and Weird Observation

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I am a gentleman, I promise to be all the time, for you and for other people. I will be one when a door not only needs to be open, but also when your heart comes to a closing. I will be there at your side to hear about your worries and anxieties, I will be there to make you smile and say that everything will be alright, and I will be there to buy you a tub of ice cream for both of us. Yes?

I will be a gentleman for the rest of my life, and I promise you that. I will let you speak first about your bad days, your happy days, and your every days. I will speak only when you stop babbling, I will not tell you to because it is cute. Yes, I reckon it really is cute. Forgive me for the weird observation. I will tell you to stop only when you are on the verge of crying, I will just hold your hand and hug you and tell you to do not stop trying. Yes?

I swear to your friends that I will be a gentleman. I will be a man gentle to your heart, never will I break that fragile of a treasure. I will promise to them that the only tear that will fall from your eyes are the ones containing surprising happiness, I will try my hardest. You say that you do not trust promises? Then trust me, I am a man of my word.

This is an oath of a gentleman to a lady. The thing that I hold for you from now on. It will not be an ephemeral thing, this will not be a cute letter in a shabby piece of paper, this is my heart and thought put into writing trying to win the lady in my mind. Now, all I have to do…