Geography: City and Urban Design Movement Essay

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Year 12 Geography Revision
Urbanism- a focus on cities and urban areas, their geography, economies, politics, social characteristics, as well as the effects on, and caused by, the built environment.
Urbanisation-the loss removal of the rural characteristics of a town or area, a process associated with the development of civilization and technology.
New economy industry-
New urbanism- an urban design movement, which promotes walkable neighbourhoods that contain a range of housing and job types. It arose in the United States in the early 1980s and continues to reform many aspects of real estate development and urban planning.
Urban dynamics-what happens within an urban community
CBD-central business district, a lot of decentralisation is happening in brisbane
Residential zone-
Urban planning-Urban, city, and town planning integrates land use planning and transport planning to improve the built, economic and social environments of communities.
Dominant function-a city that is purely there for one reason
High order function-services that are usually located in larger towns and cities with a large market area- accessible to large numbers of people.
Brisbane 2026-
Primate city- some countries have one city - the primate city - which, in terms of its population size and functions, dominates all other urban places.
Megalopolis/megacity-a continuous stretch of urban settlement which results from town’s cities and conurbations merging together. A megacity is a city which has a population over 10 million
Commercial zone-
Noxious zone-locations where poisons are stored, such as industrial areas further away from residential communities
Sustainability-maintaining what we have, balance what we use (ecological footprint.)
Ecological Footprint-everything an individual does in a lifetime and their corresponding impacts.
Relative poverty/Marginalisation- what is compared to the normality in our society. Relative to everyone else
Dominant function/primary function- a dominant function is a main service located in a town or city whereas a primary function is a basic service.
Squatter settlement-
Gated community-a form of residential community or housing estate containing strictly-controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and automobiles, and often characterized by a closed perimeter of walls and fences.
Urban village-
Conurbation- a large urban settlement which is the result of towns and cities spreading out and merging together.
Urban morphology- human settlements and the process of their formation and transformation.
Urban consolidation- The increase of dwelling densities within established areas over and above that which is already there through infill or redevelopment of existing buildings.
Decentralisation- the spread of power away from the center to local branches or governments
Urban infilling- Redevelopment of sites, in the core of metropolitan areas, for commercial and residential purposes.
Urban blight-visually appearing area with older, aged buildings standing out.
Urban decay- aging inner city areas often experience a loss of industry