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Re-imaging is the remodelling of areas to counter negative perceptions and provide “post-industrial” functions e.g. retailing, leisure and tourism.
Regeneration is a long-term process involving social, economic and physical action to reverse decline and create sustainable communities.
Rebranding is needed to keep places “competitive” and attract investment and people, particularly in areas that have experienced economic decline
It can involve regeneration, whereby investment is brought in, and re-imaging, where the area is effectively “sold”
There are a number of rebranding strategies, including using sport, culture, technology, retail and entertainment
Rebranding is often controversial because it creates both winners and losers
e.g. may make some places more expensive so poorer people are forced to move out as they cannot afford.
Rebranding Doncaster
Doncaster was hit hard by industrial change and traditional coal mining and engineering industries have declined leading to high unemployment and derelict land.
This resulted in social and economic deprivation, affecting health and wealth. There is a high percentage of people in Rossington without qualifications.
Doncaster Rebranding?
South Yorkshires new airport has been redeveloped into a commercial airport and named Robin Hood airport and should bring many jobs to the area, however it must have commercial impact.
Why must rebranding occur?
Economic change
-The decline in primary and secondary industries
-The growth of tertiary industries, especially tourism
Industry in decline…
In the 1980’s, the British government planned economic changes. Goods produced by primary and secondary industries were more expensive than ones produced overseas.
British coal is deeper underground so more expensive to mine
UKs wages were higher so making British products more expensive. The growth of manufacturing…