Geography in the News Essay

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Geography in the news
Five Facts 1. There are people in Pakistan that are accusing Mr. President Obama of ‘helping’ Bin Laden. 2. An American envoy traveled to Pakistan on Monday. 3. Officials have stopped accusing the Pakistan government of hiding Bin Laden after the September 11th attack on the twin towers. 4. People are suspicious of the Pakistani intelligence people that Americans knew they had known about Bin Laden’s activities. 5. American Officials are frustrated with the Pakistani government.
Bin Laden was the most wanted man since September 11, 2001. He ordered the destruction on the twin towers that day. Finally, the navy seals ambushed him on May 1st, shot twice, once in the forehead and another in the chest. The American government was suspicious about the Pakistani government because they were supposed to have known where he was hiding. We are still suspicious of the government and are looking into his past whereabouts.

Pakistani officials say the Obama administration has demanded the identities of some of their top intelligence operatives as the United States tries to determine whether any of them had contact with Osama bin Laden or his agents in the years before the raid that led to his death early Monday morning in Pakistan.

The officials provided new details of a tense discussion between Pakistani officials and an American envoy who traveled to Pakistan on Monday, as well as the growing suspicion among United States intelligence and diplomatic officials that someone in Pakistan’s secret intelligence agency knew of Bin Laden’s location, and helped shield him.

Obama administration officials have stopped short of accusing the Pakistani government — either privately or publicly — of complicity in the hiding of Bin Laden in the years after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One senior administration official privately acknowledged that the administration sees its relationship with Pakistan as too crucial to risk a wholesale break, even if it turned out that