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Section 1-2
A plane is represented by a flat surface that extends without end and has no thickness.
Section 1-5
Complimentary angles are two angles whose measures have a sum of 90.
Supplementary=180 (linear pair)
Section 1-6
Segment Addition Postulate
If three points A,B, and C are collinear and B is between A and C, then AB+BC=AC
Section 1-8
Angle Addition Postulate
Ex: (4x-20)+(3x+14)=155
Combine like terms: 7x-6=155
Add 6 to each side: 7x=161
Divide each side by 7: x=23
Chapter 2
Hypothesis follows if; conclusion follows then
Converse- exchange hypothesis and conclusion; Inverse- Negate the hypothesis and conclusion; Contrapositive- Negate the hypothesis and conclusion of the converse
Biconditional uses if and only if
Law of detachment – If the hypo. Of a true conditional is true, then the conclusion is true.
Law of Syllogism- allows you to state a conclusion from 2 true conditional statements when the conclusion of 1 statement is the hypo. Of the other statement.
Reflexive prop. – a=a
Symmetric prop. – If a=b, then b=a
Transitive prop. – If a=b, and b=c then a=c
Chapter 3
You can write an equation of a line when you know its slope and at least one point on the line. Write a linear equation in slope intercept form when you know the slope and y-intercept.
Chapter 5
When three or more lines intersect at one point, they’re concurrent.
In an Acute triangle, the circumcenter is inside. In a right triangle, it is on the triangle. In an obtuse