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Momin Usmani
English IV
16th May 2013 Who I am as I leave High School High School can prove to be one of the most difficult phases of one’s life. However, I believe that one’s actions, conduct and behavior determine how High school becomes for him. Therefore, it is in the student’s hand to make the High school experience a positive one or a life scarring negative experience. In fact for some people High school years are the Golden years of their lives, which have a great impact on becoming successful in the future. In my case, High School has been a positive experience, which has shown me the light and hence become an independent, aware and responsible member in society. During my early high school years, my family had to move to many different places and therefore always had to adapt to different conditions. However, in my junior year my parents did not decide to move, hence I got time to adapt to my school and make nice friends. Also, I could participate in extracurricular activities and obtain their full credit. Staying in one place enabled me to get to know people. Going to school socials seemed more interesting and fun since I knew many people. The time I got to adapt, made me achieve even greater success in academics since I got to listen to all of my Teacher’s lessons, instead of hearing lessons from multiple teachers with different teaching techniques due to changing schools. Hence, my junior year was definitely, my most satisfying year in high school. My single greatest achievement in high school, besides graduating is maintaining a commendable G.P.A despite facing many hardships. Changing Schools made me meet many obstacles such as getting accustomed to a new environment, which impacted my lifestyle. Adapting after moving from another country to the U.S after living there for five years, and going to High school, took me a great amount of time. Adjusting and dealing with a new house, new community, different climate, different teaching methods and differences in culture was a very difficult task for me. However, I still maintained a high G.P.A and achieved success in all my subjects despite all the hardships encountered. Therefore, I must say that maintaining a high academic performance in High school is my greatest achievement. During my High school experience, I encountered stressful, hectic and difficult schedules. I had to balance many challenging extracurricular activities such as debating with academics; however I managed to do it and achieve success. Some of my other challenges in High school also include taking three advance placement science courses in a single school year, as well as two advance placement math courses. These courses required many hours of studying, I would have to stay up all night on many occasions to revise these challenging mandatory courses because I would attend social organizations daily after school. Despite my challenging schedule and tough courses, I still managed to complete everything. This in turn actually made me more flexible, and now I can deal with difficult scenarios with ease. My ability to maintain my working schedule and balancing academics has greatly improved. My experience in High school has contributed to my personality greatly. The experience has enabled me to become more patient, flexible, devoted, compassionate, organized, hardworking, optimistic and noble. It has enabled me to become a greater person, and has made me more practical. The lessons I learn in school, such as in my psychology, health and Professional Communication classes have given me the ability to solve, analyze and interpret issues in everyday life more effectively and critically; therefore it has in turn enabled me to find effective solutions. My Professional Communication class affected me a lot, the