Essay on Gertrude and Tragedy Hamlet

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Renee Hernandez
Ms. Barber
Period 2
31 January 2014Hamlet
In the tragedy Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, Hamlet is a man in his thirties who is dealing with life after his father’s death. He faces the fact that his uncle Claudius has now taken over as king and has married his widow mother Gertrude. Hamlet acts in many ways throughout the play. He doesn’t seem to value his life because he does and makes decisions that are not well thought out.
In the beginning Hamlet is angered with the present king Claudius because he has decided to take over and step in as king. Hamlet’s father now a ghost encounters him and tells him, “Revenge his foul and most unnatural murder” (25). Hamlet takes action immediately and decides he is going to begin acting crazy so he can distract the king from what he is really doing. Claudius thinks Hamlet is only acting that way because he is in love with Ophelia. Hamlet acts hurtful towards many people and does not think about how he is treating others and only worries about himself.
Later on, Hamlet is at a breaking point and confronts his mother about her being with Claudius. Hamlet is furious and he begins to argue with his mother and pours his feelings and emotions to her. He gets so angry that he stabs the curtain and Polonius was behind it and gets killed. Hamlet then goes to burry Polonius and when asked about where he was buried he makes a joke out of it and doesn’t seem to feel any sympathy for Ophelia for losing her father. He