Gestalt Psychology Reflection Essay

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Gestalt Psychology Reflection
Jeffrey J. Shields Sr.
Katrina Ramos

Gestalt psychology began in the 19th century that focus on the idea how we are aware of certain things and I we perceived our own perception of thoughts. The Gestalt phenomenological has grown over the centuries that give insight in how we understand the structure of ideas. The experience practices Gestalt therapy of structuralism and functionalism of self-expression. Psychologists believe that behavior should look as a whole experience that focus on the individual mind and what may be interpretive. With functionalism perceive, look at way we adapt to the environment around us which involve the way we live, work, and play in everyday actives. Breaking down mental processes into essential components of consciousness was known as introspection which is a form of structuralism. Wilhelm Wundt was consider as the founder of structuralism and help establish psychology as a separate science that experiment in a different method of psychology.
Gestalt psychology also develops an influence into Zeitgeist, that the focus on the thought pattern that typifies culture of a period of time. This phenomenon led to the discovery of the apparent movement of the phi phenomenon. Max Wertheimer studied the formulation of an idea that reflects our cognitive curiosity of perception. Discovery of this phenomenon understand individual abilities create perception of motion. By make Gestalt theory a law of nature that promotes the principles that is setting the perceptual organization view of the