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Name: Micheal Tate

SCW186 Foundations For Social Work (14/AY/AU/M)

Stage One

Assignment 1

Study Group Leader: Andrew Wills

Submission Deadline Date: 13 Nov 14

Word Count:
Section one – 589
Section two – 399
Section three – N/A
Section four - 1998

Table of Contents :

1.0 Learning log extracts. 1.1 15 Oct 14 - Empathy - A conversation that went well. 1.2 21 Oct 14 - Study group - Difficulty in openness. 1.3 04 Nov 14 - Service User - Conversation Feedback.

2.0 Personal profile.

3.0 4-point plan indicating learning needs for improved performance. 3.1 Exposure to Diversity. 3.2 Understanding legislation.
3.3 Self-awareness.
3.4 Trust in Teamwork.

4.0 Essay demonstrating current understanding. 4.1 Self-reflection from undertaking the assessment.

Confidentiality statement:
I have removed all information from within this assignment that may enable the service user; or parties contrary or supportive to their needs, to be identified. This action is intended to ensure the maintenance of confidentiality and is in accordance with the Health and Care Professions Council’s Standards of Proficiency, Section 7.1 (2012, P9) and the Data Protection Act’s protection principles (1998).

1.0 Learning log extracts:

1.1 15 Oct 14 – Empathy - A conversation that went well.
One of the most honest conversations of my life occurred whilst in the RAF in Afghanistan, between myself and a Padre. The interaction was fluent as I was at my lowest ebb, unburdened by direction, rank or conformity. I had no expectation, no fear of rejection or judgement. The topic of the conversation could not be taken home; without exposing my family to the face of conflict and through emotional exhaustion I could carry the burden no further.
This conversation flowed as a result of a unique set of personal and environmental factors; the lack of expectation, the perception of non-directed guidance and the reassurance that my reactions were normal. As a result of the engagement I felt calm, supported and safe, comforted but not placated or patronised. I knew he saw my truth and sought no escape from its reality.
On reflection, this interaction provided a perfect example of natural empathy. The padre sought to see my world from my perspective, yet remained separate and balanced in his method, this epitomises an empathetic approach (Rogers, 1957). I intend to use this insight and example as a benchmark for future social work interactions. (193 words)
1.2 21 Oct 14 - Study Group - Difficulty in openness. One of the study group tasks required the creation of a tree of life, which although simple, involved aspects of personal disclosure that troubled me with surprising ferocity. I noted a real animosity toward the forced nakedness this required, our group were still in the ‘forming’ process of group dynamics (Tuckman 1965), and I was not content to bare my soul.

On reflection of this incident I can visualise various reasons for my reaction, I know I am struggling with self-exploration and note I am a lot more superficial than I thought. I am aware of not allowing myself to accept basic personal truths, as they may hinder the person I currently am and stifle the person I wish to become.

I recognise that understanding my faults allows me to create an internal model of cause and effect; I now see my reaction as the normal defence mechanisms of displacement and denial, (Gottschalk, L., Fronczek, J., & Abel, L. 1993). In addition utilizing the Johari Window and Mandala, (South, 2007), continually tests my frame of reference, allowing for a more comprehensive study of self- awareness and a better understanding of the importance this plays in relationships with others. (198 words)
1.3 04 Nov 14 – Service User Conversation Feedback.
Today I received the initial service user feedback from our conversation, which I was alarmed to discover was terrible. My interpretation of events was a polar opposite of