Girl With Wings Of Fire Analysis

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Girl with Wings of Fire Literacy is defined as ability to read, write and speak fluently. As being bilingual person, I have hard time give my dedication to both languages. I have achieved literacy in Gujarati, the Indic language of Gujarat, but English is still left. I opened my eyes in joint family in India. I am the only child in my family. From my birth I people surrounded me. Everyone in my family is a reader, but in different subjects. My mom is a science reader while my dad is a philosophical reader. My uncle, aunt, grandfather and grandmother all have different subjects of reading. Among my family members, there is one person who reads all day long. He made sure that everyone read at least one article a day in Gujarati or English. …show more content…
One day I saw a person with beard, long moustache, and a Muslim cap entering my house. He was my favorite uncle named Aslam. I use to get very happy with his entry in house, but that day was different. That day he entered with a storm outside. For some reason I felt scared and insecure; I started praying to god. Thunder started, he called me; I didn’t go to him. I ran to my room and hugged my teddy bear tightly. I locked myself in the room. I heard him saying congratulations to my parents. For a second I felt relief and thought I got scared for no reason, but suddenly there was a thunder. He told my parents that we would be able to move USA in three or four years. After hearing the thunder, I hugged my teddy even more tightly and the rain …show more content…
Kalam and Shakespeare. I instantly opened the Wings of Fire and started reading.
I was shocked to find out here was no unknown word in first chapter of that book. Then dad told me Dr. Kalam had wrote this book for students not for adults. With opening of the book I became follower of Dr. Kalam like many others. I took each and every advise of Dr. Kalam in shaping myself as an ideal Indian citizen. The book helped me in many different aspects. I don’t remember exactly were in book, but Dr. Kalam recognized the need and importance of knowing English. He explained me that English is necessary not because it is highly used, but knowing English will be able to show that Indians are learning with the world. After reading what Dr. Kalam said about English, I started taking English more seriously and started towards attaining literacy in English. By the time I completed reading Dr. Kalam’s autobiography, my parents had completed packing for our new house in