Essay about Girls on the Run Marketing Plan

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Executive Summary “We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.” This is the mission of the Girls on the Run organization and they strive to encourage positive emotional, social, mental, spiritual and physical development in girls from the ages of eight to thirteen years old. Their main objective is to educate and empower these girls at their early ages in order to prevent the display of at-risk activities such as alcohol abuse, eating disorders, pre-marital sexual activity, depression, suicide, and other confrontational behavior in the future. The organization is growing rapidly around the United States and Canada; State College being the …show more content…
These children meet periodically throughout the school year to work on projects that benefit various organizations. Another after school activity includes after school intramural sports. Intramural sports are offered to all fourth and fifth graders. Some of these sports include basketball and flag football in the fall, volley ball and skiing in the winter season, and track in the spring season. The Park Forest Elementary School also hosts intramural swimming. Aside from the intramural sports, Park Forest Elementary also has after school enrichment programs such as young authors on computers, youth material arts, and drawing/painting exploration classes. In addition to the other clubs, Girls on the Run will also have to compete with the longevity of them. People may be more receptive to joining a club that has been around longer. Due to this fact, Girls on the Run must find a creative way to promote themselves and raise awareness of their organization to persuade both parents and children that Girls on the Run is the best organization to join.
Marketing Objective statement To organize an effective marketing strategy to create awareness for Girls on the Run and achieve 144 participants for the 12 week program beginning on October 3rd, 2012
Marketing Strategy
The product is the “Girls on the Run 12 Week Program”. The program consists of 24 curriculum lessons taught by Girls on the Run certified coaches. The lessons involve teaching the