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Information Technology Risk Assessment

Identify And Describe The Organizational Authentication Technology And Network Security Issues. Global Asset Inc. experiences numerous network security issues. These issues have spoiled the company’s reputation to its customers, reduced the company’s profit, and make it to be less competitive than the competitors make. Global Asset Inc needs to solve out these issues for it to remain competitive, regain back its reputation, and satisfy its customer’s requirements. For a problem to be solved, it first has to be identified, and identify the cause. As an Information Technology manager of the Global Asset Inc. I have been able to identify several network security issues related to our company. These issues include the following:
i. Cyber attack Cyber attack refers to the deliberate act of exploiting computer systems, computer networks, and technology independent enterprises. In the current world, where computer use and networks linked to them has become ordinary, many issues have emerged regarding cyber security. Cyber security is a significant factor, which should be considered if the organization has to protect itself from the malicious software and people from the internet. Majority of the computer network issues and threats come from the internet. Most of these issues are intentional, considering that individuals usually develop them with malicious intention. Hence, cyber attack should be prevented by ensuring enough Cyber security. There exist diverse types of threats, which can be regarded to be of different risks and levels to an individual’s confidential information in their computers. The greater the chances of attack, the higher the safety and security system should be established to ensure threat is minimized. Cyber attacks take many forms including spyware and malware. Some viruses are very serious that they interfere with the operating system and cause system failure. Moreover, the viruses are also used by hackers to Access Company’s confidential information, for their personal interest, such as committing financial fraud. Considering the case of Global Asset Inc., several incidences of attacks have previously happened. To start with, the company’s Oracle database server was attacked in 2012. Consequently, the customers lost integrity, confidentiality, and availability for some days. Though the organization restored back Oracle database server online, the lost confidentiality spoiled the company’s reputation. As a result, it ended up compensating large amount of money of resolution for loss of data confidentiality. ii. Computer virus This is a computer malware program, which when executed, replicates itself by inserting its copies into other computer applications, files, data files, and hard drive boot sector. A virus infected the GAI entire network for several days. This caused e-mail and Oracle servers to be closed as a way of preventing them from being infected. Consequently, the company lost customers confidence and $1.7M in revenue. iii. Data encryption Data encryption refers to the act of converting data into secret code. It is the most effective and efficient way of maintaining data security. To be capable of reading the encrypted file, you should have access to password or secret key, which will enable you to decrypt it. Encryption is usually used to protect confidential information to ensure it reaches the intended person. Looking at the GAI scenario, the data transaction between remote accesses to the Company internal databases is actually not encrypted. This poses a big threat to the company’s information since it can be leaked and accessed by unintended people. Moreover, encryption is the only means of securing data sent over Wi-Fi. iv. Sudden spikes in Network Spikes. Network traffic is caused by numerous factors, network hacking and malware outbreak being among them. As reported by network engineers, there