Nike: Organizational Structure and Nike Essay

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Operational Plans
Nike Inc.

Betsy Hughes, CEO Nike Inc.
Contemporary Organizational Management
November 18, 2008

A clear definition of the CEO’s responsibilities is the primary task when beginning the planning process. As in many businesses large and small there is a clear arrangement of their organizational structure. In the case of a large company as Nike which has an ever growing amount of functions, the best possible organizational structures are the Product Structure,
Geographical Structure or Matrix Structure. Due to the important functionality of Nike’s geographical and product areas, the absolute best structure is the Matrix Structure.(See Attached)
Now that the organizational structure is established, we now know the functional areas of which the CEO is responsible for. As the CEO, I will assess and study each of the functionalities and the necessary upper level departments within the Nike Corporation which include Human
Resources, Marketing and Manufacturing. Since each department has a geographical focus I will also be researching the similarities and differences of each regional department. Once my research is complete I will assure the appropriate structures are being operated.
There are two large influences of my management objectives for Nike Inc.. First I plan for all operations to be performed with both the environment and the less fortunate in mind. Nike
Inc. already supports good causes with their various promotions and donations, such as the $4
Million to Hurricane Katrina Relief back in 2005 (Corporate Social Responsibility News).
Though, I will put our global assets to even greater use to help the environment and the people in the environment. This way of operating will heavily involve the Manufacturing and the Global
The second influence I plan to embed in the large corporation is what I call the “Giving
Back” strategy. This applies to both the buyers and the employees of the company. Due to economic downfall corporations all over are suffering, except those who truly benefit the customer. This focus will be concentrated toward the Marketing Department most of all, though, will also have a large impact on the Human Resources Department as well, regarding the
“Giving Back” to our employees. These innovations will turn around the negative-view of corporations in our favor as well as help the world we live in through different ways.
To begin, I will explore the possibilities and plans for one of the key functional areas of
Nike, Human Resources. In the Recruiting fields of Nike Inc. we will use new tactics such as using research companies to hire all types of workers. I have recently learned about successful companies whose mission is to supply corporations with employees that Nike may not normally

find to fill the job, though these individuals are fit for the responsibilities. This recruiting tactic and partnership will improve employment among a wider range which is a help to society and bring more opportunity. Not to mention, when working with these companies Nike will receive significant tax deductions for being a part of this research/hiring method. Within the Training field of Nike Inc. we will train our employees in more diverse and useful ways, such as training them about how to be environmentally friendly at all times, not just during work hours. Next I will work with the Compensation department to increase compensation by creating ways of compensating lower levels of employment with very low cost, like a letter of appreciation showing that Nike cares. We will also innovate different and more helpful ways, that will benefit communities all over, by giving compensation to our employees for traveling to places like
Africa or Louisiana. We will also work with universities all over to give college credit for traveling to help these areas while working in a department of their major. This will keep our employees happy and productive and will result in a positive look at our