Essay about Global: Hinduism and Tang Dynasty

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jessica ham 12-4-12 Throughout history many cultures have gone through a time of prosperity and great achievements. Such achievements were made in many different areas like math, architecture art and many more. The tang dynasty in china and the Gupta dynasty in India experienced this. The Tang dynasty in china went through a great golden age because they went through a time of peace and prosperity. They learned a lot and they created a lot of technology The Tang dynasty invented gun powder which is still used today. They also invented mechanical clocks and they even developed a small pox vaccine which was killing thousands of people. After a period of civil war and decline in china, the tang reestablished a unified government. They redistributed land to the peasants and reintroduced the use of Confucian scholars in running the government. Tang emperors also established a law code, and renovated the canal systems to encourage trade and communication inside of China. The tang dynasty also developed a strict social structure under 3 sections called gentry, peasantry, and merchants. The golden The Golden Age of India occurs under the rule of the Gupta Dynasty, The Gupta established a strong central government. Gupta society had Hindu beliefs. They had a strict caste system, or class system. The peace and prosperity created under Gupta leadership enabled the pursuit of scientific and artistic endeavors. Gupta mathematicians developed the concept of zero in the use of math, and also developed the decimal system based on the number 10. They also created a number writing system that was later adopted by the Islamic Empire. This system became known