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The Global Perspective- Cross Cultural Language There are many different ways in which people communicate; non-verbal communication is a way of communication. Non-verbal communication is not literally speaking out of the mouth but expressing yourself with the body language you show. Also, non-verbal communication has many effects on the society around the world and the way communication works. It also affects the society in many different ways, communication has an effect on the government, professional industries, and the ways people communicate. Communication between people is not the same in every country, or nation. For example, a smile that means happiness can mean that you are expressing yourself differently in another country. Also, without either verbal or non-verbal communication what would the world be like today? The world would be much more different than it is today.
Another type of non-verbal communication is proxemics, which is referring to space. When a person has their personal space they feel safe, but as soon as they feel or assume threatened. That is when they take action and get aggressive or violent just because a person is getting too close. People interpret things by the actions that are shown by another person. The body language of a person can make another person interpret something totally different than what is really being expressed. There are so many ways for people to communicate at times it can also be unpredictable. When someone invades the personal space of another person they feel violated or in danger, and have no other option but to protect their own safety.
In contrast, the “American” body language is different to the Haitian body language. For example, it is similar because if an American smiled it meant that they were either happy, or laughing about a joke they heard. And, if a Haitian smiled it would represent the same thing to a Haitian. But, I and one of my close friends were walking along the beach one day and this man was walking towards us and snapped his fingers in front of my face while walking by me. I looked at him and asked” is there a reason while you are snapping your fingers in front of my face”. He responded and said “yes, it means that you are hot”, I said excuse me. Then he said “you looking sexy”. And, I had learned a new body language signal that I knew nothing about I thought he was turning to give me his bad luck or put a spell on me. Also, American and Haitian people both communicate in the sharing of a meaning through informal, nonverbal, group, or conversational interaction. But, body language is being free within the body while interacting with friends and individuals in society.
In addition, body language is expressed in different gestures, or the look of a person. Also, one body gesture can mean many represent many different things. For example, I remember when I first came to the U.S. from Haiti and I went to see the doctor. My doctor has an African American background mixed with Indian; while I was the doctor’s office he kept looking at his watch and rubbing his stomach. So I thought he was hungry and I “sir, are you hungry”? He said “No it’s just gas from the dinner I had last night”, and he was in pain. And experiencing that situation was a first for me and I learned something new myself I thought he was just hungry. I never would have thought of what he was going through if he would have never told me. That’s when I learned that the body language of a person can express more than one meaning.

Furthermore, a person could be an excellent communicator, but if they are unable to stimulate their services and communicate effectively with another person, their chances of reaching that high potential are very rare. A person may be surprised to know that not only humans respond to non-verbal communication. For instance, every morning I would walk my dog, his name is Lucky. He just kept walking by me, just going back and forth and I was not feeling…