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Geography Globalisation

Is TNC investment a good thing for LEDC’s?

The advantages socially for the LEDC is that the workmen are given uniform, lunch and and they are taught new skills whilst being provided with new machinery at the same time. TNC’s often improve electricity and water supplies to compensate for all the disadvantages it causes as well. Economically the local shop and services are needed for supplies from the factories which creates even further employment plus the workers at the factory as well, which provides income for many of the local residents. As a result of a single TNC’s investment this would attract further associated suppliers to boost the local income even more, then in turn this would boost the countries income with the exports and trade.
Disadvantages socially is that the working conditions are often very poor with long hours and poor safety hazards creating an undesirable working space. An example of this is Coca Cola in India as the workers are paid very little and if they are in an accident they are fired. The best paid jobs within the TNC often go to people form the home of the TNC but they still often manage to avoid paying taxes in the developing countries causing problems for the economy. As a result of this power and influence the companies can often become corrupt because of, for example police accepting bribes and so on. Environmentally Coca Cola uses up to 5 litres for 1 coke meaning that the water supply in india is decreasing…