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Symbols of me

Two colors that reflect my personality are Blue, Orange

If I were
• If I were a book, I’d be the…Dictionary Book
• If I were a car, I’d be a…Koenigsegg
• If I were a movie, I’d be…Cinderella
• If I were an animal, I’d be a…Zebra
• If I were a song, I’d be…Top Back
• If I were an actor, I’d be…Peewee
• If I were a president, I’d be…George Bush
• If I were a musical instrument, I’d be a…Triangle
• If I were food, I’d be…Steak


• I was born
• Got my first friend
• Started school
• Went to Elementary school
• Learned my ABC’s
• Learned how to read
• Leaned how to write
• Became 10
• Went to Middle school
• Went to High school

One frightening moment of me is when I went to Florida’s beach and I almost drowned from one of its waves. An exciting moment of my life was when I rode the Titan in Six Flags, I was so excited but when I sat in it and started going higher and higher then I started freaking out and then the ride was going so fast I couldn’t see anything and then I thought I was going to die and 45 seconds later the ride was finished and then I felt like trying the ride some other time again.

Directions from home to school
Walk to the bus stop, walk in the bus when it arrives, and wait till I get to school.

Interviews with three Students
Tyler’s Goal- Pass all my classes
Miguel’s Goal- Score a PK in a game
Nick’s Goal- Pass all my classes

50 Goals
1. Be a better driver
2. Get all 80’s on grades
3. Make better jokes
4. Ride a zebra
5. Win the lottery
6. Make an igloo
7. Be a famous rapper
8. Be a famous comedian
9. Get a body guard
10. Buy a Bugatti
11. Buy a gumpert
12. Buy a koenigsegg
13. Stand on top of a building
14. Make a movie
15. Be the president
16. Be on the Guinness world records
17. Learn karate
18. Become a millionaire
19. Milk a cow
20. Drive a jet
21. Be shot in the leg
22. Become superman