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Matthew Clark
HIST 1112
19 APRIL 2015
God’s Protection
After reading both sources, it was clear that both Pat Robertson and Osama Bin laden had similar beliefs as to why God was no longer bound to protect Americans. According to both Pat and Osama, Americans have blatantly violated values based on the moral law of God. Which sums up as to why both believe God no longer provides protection or blessings for Americans. In the source “God’s Protection Lifted from America,” Pat Robertson begins discussing the first English settlers that came to America, who he says “were devout Christian men and women” (Robertson 504). Pat is saying that the first people to come to America wanted to create a nation that would praise the name of God, as well as base decisions of what is right and wrong off biblical principles. This way of living as a nation under God would soon change over the years, for there were radical groups in America that no longer wanted this to be the basis of the United States. Eventually people would only become so concerned with their own personal lives; this opened up a bigger door to changing Christianity in America. What was once the basis of our country would slowly deteriorate through our court systems. From the early 1960s into the early 1970s the Supreme Court had ruled out praying and Bible reading in the American public school system. The Supreme Court even created laws to go against state laws that were against abortion, which is not condoned in the bible. This assault on Christianity continued on into the early 2000s, where the Supreme Court also ruled out God and his commandments from American school systems as well. Christianity and the word of God were slowly being torn apart, almost as if people were slowly losing their faith and trust in God. Pat goes on to say “Divorce is rampant, teenage pregnancy is rampant, there have been an estimated forty million abortions, and pornography seems pervasive” (Robertson 505). What Pat is saying is that people are no longer living their lives based off of Christianity and Biblical principles, so how could God want to protect those who reject Christianity and are morally unjust? He describes American society over the past fifty years as mad and out of control. Pat ends with asking the question “What right have we in America to expect God’s blessing, much less demand it?”(Robertson 506). As you can see Pat has described a nation originally based on the values of God and his teachings to a nation that violates every moral law of God, so why would we expect anything from God? In the beginning of Osama bin Laden’s address he states “Peace be upon those who are rightly guided” (Laden 510).Osama bin Laden is saying Americans deserve no peace, Americans are corrupt and unjust and have caused harm to many other nations and the people in those nations. Osama bin Laden says that it is foolish for Americans to think they will remain safe since they have violated the security of his people. What led Osama bin Laden to the initial thoughts of attacking the American Trade Centers came from 1982 when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon with the help of its naval fleet. Osama bin Laden believed that