Godiva: Chocolate and Godiva Essay

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Godiva is a famous company which was started in Belgium since 1926. Today, the Godiva shops can be found in more than 80 countries.1 Recently, so many chocolate marketers are planning to penetrate into a huge market, China. However, chocolate is an exotic food product for Chinese people. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to investigate the concept of how to increase sales of Godiva in term of the main products, the factors, the motivations, and eventually, the ways to increase sales. (Can be found in more than 80 countries)
When people are talking about Godiva, the first product they think of is chocolate. However, the main products of Godiva including Gift basket, Chocolate Bar & Snacks, and Coffee & Cocoa. For Gift basket, they put some popular products in a basket or box and sell together with a special price. You also can select the products by you own then put into the basket. It’s a very good idea if you want to choose a present for your friends. (Gift basket, Chocolate Bar & Snacks, and Coffee & Cocoa.) For Chocolate Bar & Snacks, as I have mentioned before, chocolate is the most famous product for Godiva, when people are talking about it. Therefore, they have so many different tastes, styles, and types of chocolate. There are some chocolates made with alcohol which is loved by alcoholic. Besides, they also sell snacks which made by chocolate, such as chocolate cookies and chocolate pretzels. The most interesting one is they sell milk chocolate cigar. For Coffee & Cocoa, I think most of people don’t know that Godiva sells coffee and cocoa. I’m one of the person of them. When I think of coffee, I always associate with Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or even Mcdonalds. I never know Godiva sells coffee and cocoa. Maybe Godiva is also a good place when people need a cup of coffee. Now, let’s thinking about why more and more Chinese people fall in love with such a foreign food product. First of all, the first factor for Chinese consider is taste. Different chocolates have different tastes, for example, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or black chocolate and so on. With the deeper understanding of chocolate, Chinese consumers consider more and more about the variety and the taste.2(With the deeper understanding of chocolate, Chinese consumers consider more and more about the variety and the taste.) In addition, A good brand will make people think of good products. Therefore, the second factor of Chinese consider is brand. The unique chocolates stand for different chocolate brands. For instance, when Chinese need milk chocolate, they will associate with Dove. In Chinese culture, they think thrifty is a very important habit. They don’t want spend more money if it is not necessary. Thus, Chinese people very like cutting price down when they are purchasing. Because of this reason, the last factor of Chinese consumers consider is price.
There is a report said for the average Chinese, they have little sweet tooth or familiarity with it. It just consumes 100 grams a year. By comparison, people eat chocolate much more times in Japan, America, and Europe.3 On the other hand, another report shows that chocolate has already been accepted by most Chinese. The factors of