Age Of Responsibility

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Leyna Pham
English 2H
Mr. Cooper
11 April 2014

Age of Responsibility

Entering the age of adulthood is similar to experiencing dark chocolate for the first time, good for you but bittersweet. Growing up, I looked forward to becoming an adult and seeing all the grown ups surrounding me everyday made me want it even more. They could do things I could not yet do and say certain things I could not yet say and understand. What I failed to realize is how I separated a kid or teen to an adult. The age of responsibility is entered at different ages for different people. I believe the age of responsibility is bestowed upon a person when they are able to fend for themselves and is able to handle the mental and physical strain of the world around them. Being considered an adult means that you are no longer a child who needs guidance and assistance in daily activities and living, and, unlike a child, could fend and support themselves in the real world. The “real world” could mentally and physically strain a person, so being ready and prepared for this world filled with good and bad is another factor in entering the age of responsibility. An adult takes on responsibilities that most children are naive or uneducated about yet, hence the term the age of responsibilities. Understanding how to support yourself is a key factor in being considered an adult. I have not yet considered myself an adult because I still depend on my family for money and many other basic needs for living. I do not earn my own money from a job nor can I support myself. The age of responsibilities should only be entered when one is ready to live and support themselves with little help from family or friends. This time in life is when the leashes are let go one by one until none are left. This symbolizes slowly entering the adult world. Although being let go of that leash, being knowledgeable about the world and prepared mentally and physically is part of this age of responsibilities. Remembering back to my childhood, it is completely different looking at the world in “adult” eyes. The world today is not perfect but not so bad if the knowledge and the physical and mental strength is there. Adults have to face most problems alone out in the world and if not prepared it could slow down the age in which the world considers the person an adult. The good and bad aspects of the world can take a toll on the physical