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Melanie Morales
8th period
O-lans pearls Although there are many symbols found in The Good Earth, there was one symbol that really stood out to me and that symbol was O-lans two pearls. I believe the two pearls have a much more complex meaning than just money, to O-lan they are a form of appreciation from Wang Lung. The first example of this symbol is found in chapter sixteen, when Wang Lung first learns about the gemstones his wife found. Wang Lung tells O-lan to give him the gemstones and two pearls, but O-lan asks if she can keep the pearls. It is very odd that O-lan speaks, and even more out of character that she asks for something from Wang Lung, this break in character led me to believe that the two pearls had a greater meaning to O-lan that just wealth, they meant that for once she felt respected and appreciated by someone. Another example in the book is found in chapters twenty and twenty one, when Wang Lung brings Lotus to the house as his mistress and then cruelly takes the two pearls away from O-lan to give to Lotus, metaphorically speaking, it’s like he shoved a knife in O-lan and then twisted it. The one thing that O-lan truly wants is to be valued, and appreciated because she has never experienced it, the pearls were the one thing that made her feel valuable, and when Wang Lung takes them from her it angers her and she becomes more forthright. In conclusion, the two pearls symbolized respect and appreciation to O-lan. When they…