Good Father Essay

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It is easy for adult to give birth to a child, but not for everyone to be a good parent. Though I haven¡¦t any child, I think a good parent should have some suitable qualities. Some of them are as follows.

First, a good parent should have a heart of love. Many evidences show that children have a happy childhood more likely if they grow up in an environment full of love. I am lucky that my parents love me very much. When I was a little girl, I was too shy to talk to strangers, so I used to play alone and feel lonely. For helping me to be happy, my mother often talks to me, sing with me, and help me to make friend with other kids. Instead of forcing me to meet strangers, she influenced me by encouraging while I was getting along with others. Gradually, I became accustomed to meeting strangers and loved to be with other kids, thanks to my mother¡¦s love.

Second, a good parent should have responsibility that enables his or her child to live in a safe and happy environment. From media sources, I have seen many young parents who are unmarried and not ready to be parents. In such cases, many of them are lack of stable incomes as well. As a result, many social problems arise by abandoned enfant¡Babused children and children who are unable to go to school, etc. I do want to ask such parents, ¡§If you are not ready to be parents, why do you give birth to your child?¡¨

Third, a good parent should take time to accompany his or her child. Nowadays, as many parents have a job,