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1111 Burma DrC 27539
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1111 Burma Drive
Apex, NC 27539
919.367-2000 Fax 919-367-2098

To: All Managers and Superintendents
CC: Rachel Waller, Melissa Broughton, Mike Reisinger, BJ Christman, Carlos Norris, Tom O’Leary
From : John McIntyre
Date: 4-06-2012
RE: Temporary Labor Usage Procedure

Please utilize the following procedure when ordering temporary labor. The important aspects are getting the proper insurance from the agency and paying them such that our labor costs are incurred as close to real time as possible.

1. Get competitive pricing - PM

2. Write a PO (see “C” below) to describe cost agreement, insurance requirements (**Be sure to require an “Alternate Employer’s Endorsement “) and our expectations. Could be for zero dollars, just gets the scope/pricing agreement to them and insurance to us before they start. – PM a. Do include “our” pricing agreement per trade listing b. Don’t include any reference of their proposal c. If Temp Labor Agency refuses to sign our PO and requires us to execute their agreement, contact your Regional Manager.

3. That said…..We do Not sign any of their documents. – PM & Supt d. Time sheets can be signed by a Crowder representative. When we sign, add the statement that “CCC signature approves time only”.

4. Be sure to